Public Lecture with Wolfgang Ketterle

Information about the public lecture with Nobel Lauerate Wolfgang Ketterle. (Dansk version)

The registration is now open here!

As part of PLANCKS 2019, an international competition in theoretical physics, we have a rare opportunity to invite the public to a free lecture by Nobel Lauerate Wolfgang Ketterle. Following the lecture in Auditorium U45 there is a small reception (in "den gamle fredagsbar" at SDU) where you can meet the speaker. You can read more about the competition here, and more about the lecture below.

Who is Wolfgang Ketterle?

Professor Wolfgang Ketterle is mostly known for his work with Bose-Einstein condensates, and in 2001 he got the Nobel Price for his work on this, together with Eric A. Cornell and Carl E. Wiemann.

Ketterle is an Associate Director of the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Director of RLE’s affiliated Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA). He has been the John D. MacArthur professor of physics at MIT since 1998. He leads a group in RLE exploring the properties of ultracold gases. His research is in the field of atomic physics and laser spectroscopy and includes laser cooling and trapping, atom optics and atom interferometry, and studies of Bose-Einstein condensation and Fermi degeneracy. A major focus is the exploration of new forms of matter, in particular novel aspects of superfluidity, coherence, and correlations in many-body systems.

Wolfang Ketterle
Picture by Bryce Vickmark (2015).

Who is this lecture for?

This lecture is targeted at master- and bachelorstudents of physics, though any highschool student with an interest in physics should be able to follow along, and get something usable out of the lecture. This means that the lecture would be ideal for a highschool class with high level physics, or anyone else with an interest in physics.

Where to signup?

The lecture is completely free, though to make sure there is room for everyone, registration is required. You can find the registration form here. We will be happy to see larger groups, or highschool classes. If you wish to bring a group, either sign up using the link, or contact the organisers at